Important details for Indians going to the UK via a third country.
Over the past few weeks, several Indian nationals heading to the UK with stopovers in the EU had been denied boarding in India due to the absence of a transit visa. Last week, Simple Flying reported on the issue and presented affected and prospective travelers with some good alternatives to avoid the extra hassle.
However, it appears the requirement for a transit Schengen visa doesn’t apply to all countries in the European Union. New information from Schengen Visa Info suggests only a handful of EU countries have imposed additional visa requirements on Indian passport holders transiting their territory. This clarification will provide significant relief to prospective Indian travelers, some of whom have been desperately looking for answers on social media just days before their flights.
As it stands, only four EU countries require Indian passport holders en route to the UK to furnish a transit visa. These are Germany, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. This makes sense as instances of passengers reportedly being denied boarding in India mainly emerged from Lufthansa and Air France flights.
These measures were imposed by the four countries in question from January 1st, 2022. Due to strict COVID rules and India’s suspension of scheduled international flights, there were almost no flights taking Indian passengers to the UK via France, Germany, the Czech Republic, or Spain. Since the South Asian country did away with all bilateral air bubble arrangements and started welcoming all international carriers with open arms, passengers have felt the effects of the transit visa requirement.
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Getting a transit Schengen visa is no easy feat as it takes a few weeks and can also cost passengers a significant amount in fees. Therefore, Indian passengers are likely to avoid getting in line for the visa and find ways around the requirement.
The fact that only four countries have imposed additional transit visa requirements is good news for all Indian travelers as there are still plenty of other options available. The only airlines to avoid are Lufthansa and Air France, as no airlines from Spain or the Czech Republic fly to India. This will present other carriers operating the route with a distinct advantage while Lufthansa and Air France are likely to continue losing customers as long as the requirement is in place.
In any case, Indian passengers have nothing to worry about as the UK remains well connected to almost all major airports in the world’s largest democracy. Air India, Vistara, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic all operate direct flights to and from London, while connecting flights are available via airport hubs in the gulf and some EU nations like the Netherlands.
KLM Royal Dutch Airline has announced,
“Indian nationals destined to the United Kingdom do not require a transit/Schengen visa while transiting Amsterdam Schiphol, provided they hold a valid visa for the United Kingdom and comply with all applicable conditions in transit and entry conditions at destination. Passengers are personally responsible to ascertain eligibility.”
What do you think of transit visa requirements imposed on Indian travelers by certain EU countries? Do you think they should abolish such counter-productive measures as it only makes their airlines less competitive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Source: Schengen Visa Info News
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