The Tourism Ministry of India participated in the World Travel Market, which commenced on November 7, 2022. At the three-day event in London, India joined in to exhibit itself as a favourite tourist destination. What’s more, Kerala even won the Responsible Tourism Award at the event. By Shrestha Purkayastha
P A Mohammed Riyas, tourism minister of Kerala, collected the award at the event on behalf of the team which was extremely uplifting for them. It was given out for the STREET project implemented by the Responsible Tourism Mission Team under the Government of Kerala. This award recognised the tireless efforts that the entire team has put in to promote responsible tourism since the beginning of COVID-19.
While accepting the award, Riyas said, “I would like to share with you with utmost pride that the state Responsible Tourism and the Tourism Department has won the award for the water STREET project. Street is the acronym for Sustainable, Tangible, Responsible, Experiential, Ethnic, Tourism hubs and this was implemented from March 31, this year.”
‘The Future Of Travel Starts Now’ was decided as the theme of this exhibition. According to a report published by The Republic World, a statement from the ministry specified- “Ministry of Tourism, the government of India will participate in World Travel Market (WTM) 2022 from November 7 to November 9, in London, which is one of the largest international travel exhibitions.” It has been further stated that with the restoration of the country after a two-year break to tourists from abroad, this year’s attendance in India is exclusively important.
As published in an article by The Republic World, the ministry said in a statement that after the greatest vaccination campaign in the world, the country is prepared for foreign tourists. India is engaging in WTM 2022 to display itself as a chosen tourist destination. As per the same report, the input of tourism and travel to India’s GDP was 5.19 per cent of the sum economy in the time of 2019. The Indian tourism sector estimated 79.86 million jobs in terms of both indirect and direct employment, in the year 2019.
“A total of 16 stakeholders, including from state governments, other central ministries, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as the industry partner, DMCs, tour operators, hoteliers, travel agents, online travel agents, facilitators of medical value travel are participating as co-exhibitors in the Indian Pavilion,” the ministry stated. The prime aim is to advertise the miscellaneous services and products of tourism. This further counts the range of tourism profits to the foreign business association, the leisure trains, and health tourism.
Arvind Singh, the Union Tourism Secretary, will be supervising this year’s Indian delegation. The Indian government is knowledgeable of the nation’s capabilities in the tourism sector and has additionally initiated a number of strategies to designate India as a worldwide tourism destination. In the time of the World Trade Mart 2022, the Indian contingent will display the diversified tourism contributions of the country to the worldwide tourism sector stakeholders, namely the travel media and the agents along with the tour workers.
This tour will additionally propose connections to the Indian government contingent to exhibit the convenience for ventures and capability which India proposes to the investors worldwide, as India is addressed for extensive development in the tourism industry in near future. India is even participating in the G-20 Presidency which is anticipated to begin on December 1, 2022. The nation is predicted to moderate nearly 200 meetings covering 55 cities in the entire country, held down by its Presidency. The G-20 Presidency will provide India’s tourism zone with an incomparable opportunity to feature the tourism provisions of India and share the stories of victory of India on an international platform.
The Tourism Ministry of India is holding a vision to elevate the tourism sector of the country, particularly in the outcome of the pandemic, to attain remodelled peaks and stimulate the evolution to conquer continuous targets of improvement by 2030.
Hero Image Credit: Vivek Sharma/Unsplash; Feature Image Credit: Roop_Dey/Shutterstock
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