Who doesn’t love road trips? Many of us have travelled to one state from another via road but have you ever thought of travelling to another country by road? It might sound surprising but you can actually do that. Now travelling from India to the USA by road is not a big deal! Here are all the details on how you can do it and ride from India to the USA.
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Back in 2018, a couple in their early ’60s travelled to Hyderabad from California. By completing this journey of a lifetime in a modified Toyota SUV, they made the record of becoming the first couple to do so. Crossing 19 countries in over 2 months, they reached their destination following a difficult journey. It was indeed some of the most stunning experiences of their lives to travel across China, Russia, and Tibet en route but it surely came with lots of difficulties. Especially the checkpoints and driving at high-altitude places were very strenuous. Even with all these issues, they successfully became the first people to travel from California to Hyderabad on road.
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Another person to experience this journey of crossing borders to travel between India and the USA is Lakhwinder Singh. Starting his journey from America, he covered a distance of over 20,000 km to reach Jalandhar via a road journey. It took him almost a month and a half to achieve this massive milestone. His journey began in America where he had his car taken to a ship to reach England. He took a train to reach Belgium and his actual road trip started from there. It took him a long time to reach Pakistan covering Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, and lastly Iran. One interesting thing that he encountered in Iran was when he had to tie his car with another car as the US cars are not allowed to drive in Iran.
With the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development connecting Russia and Siberia, one can travel to New York from Delhi. Trans Siberian highway is the world’s longest highway stretching over 20,000 km. To reach the United States, one needs to cover a long journey beginning from Delhi to Nepal, Tibet, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, and reach this highway. As Kazakhstan is known to border Russia, one can take on this highway from there. The road trip takes a pause as they need to cross the Bering Sea. They can continue the journey on a ship and from there the destination is Alaska. After Alaska, one can simply reach the United States via Canada.
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Road trips for such a long time are surely tiring, exhausting, and difficult. Carrying all the essentials, important documents, registration plates, and more is very crucial.
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