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Traveling across the country has never been this easy whether you are traveling alone or in a group. Wondering how? Well, to ensure that you have the best travel experience we made a comprehensive list of the best travel apps. These apps areavailable for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here are the six best travel apps to explore India in 2022.
1. Incredible India– The Indian Ministry of Tourism introduced an innovative app called Incredible India to make it extremely easy to travel across the country. This is an information hub where travelers would get to know about popular restaurants, sightseeing locations, certified hotels, etc. when they visit places.
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2. TripIt– This is the best app for those who lack the talent of planning a trip or hate planning. Upon login after downloading and installing the app, it would ask for the details of your travel like time of visit, budget, and duration.
Accordingly, it will create an itinerary. It can also sync your travel details like flight, train, car, hotel, and other reservations with your phone’s calendar and add them to the master itinerary. This makes traveling organized even though the traveler could not plan it properly on his own.
3. Triposo– Consider downloading this app if you want an online personalized tour guide when you go about exploring a new place. It will tell you which spots to visit, where to dine, what to eat like the special local dish, where to stay, etc. This app also offers map routes and weather updates to ensure safe travel.
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4. WeSolo– This app is for people who like to travel solo. Sometimes solo travelers face some inconveniences in new and unknown places. But not anymore with the WeSolo app as it is meant to be the travel companion of solo travelers. There are various options as well on this app like ‘Take a trip’, Find your soulmate’, and ‘unique trip ideas’ to help in the journey. This app would help find like-minded people, join a group of solo travelers, make new friends, and of course travel safely.
5. Roadtrippers– For people who like to go on road trips and enjoy adventures on their way, this is the app to download as it helps to plan adventure routes. Along with that it also offers navigation assistance. Travelers can plan trips with exciting stops in between. This app helps to make the road trip experience memorable with the best route calculations.
Moreover, people can discover and explore new places on their journey. Enjoy the best adventure spots and meet people with similar interests when you plan your road trip using Roadtrippers.
6. Google Trips– This is one of the best apps to plan a trip. This app makes it easier to explore different places since it helps with gathering and arranging important information in one place. Wherever you are, the app will provide suggestions to explore nearby areas. The information can be accessed offline as well.
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We purposely did not include information about apps for booking, packing lists, weather, navigation, etc. on this list of best travel apps. We wanted to offer a clean list with only the best travel apps to explore India in 2022. Let us know in the comments section below which of these apps helped you during your travels. If you found this article useful, share it with others.
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