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Updated Sep 14, 2022 | 10:12 PM IST

In this episode of India Upfront, Rahul Shivashankar will be discussing the outrage over Hindi Diwas Celebrations. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai announced on Wednesday that the state government will introduce a new law to make Kannada legally required in the house amid the Hindi language controversy. “We need some kind of link language. Hindi is a great language that we all should understand. What’s the problem with this?”, Says Rahul Easwar. “Hindi is a wonderful language. The aggressive reactions to its use come to attempts of imposition of Hindi”, says Dr. Sumanth C Raman, Political Analyst. BJP’s Sanju Verma opposes his views, saying opposition only quotes ‘half-truths’. Tune in for a full discussion. #hindilanugagerow #breakingnews #karnataka

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