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Workplaces and work cultures can be toxic on multiple levels. One of them is making the employees work after their stipulated working hours under the guise of hard work AKA hustle. One of the hustle culture’s ideas is the promotion of working for extended hours, usually at the cost of one’s mental health and personal life.

Hustle culture is notorious for blurring the lines between professional and personal life. So much so, that one’s sense of self-worth is derived from the hours of work they put in and not the quality. And in our country, this idea of working late hours has become an obsession.
In a Twitter post, a user pointed out this toxic workplace culture. In his tweet, Abhishek Srivastava noted how the idea of working late and unusually more than required is deeply embedded in Indian workplaces. So much so that it is “well accepted and expected out of people”. And usually, this comes at the cost of one’s mental health.
India has a toxic work culture where most of the people feel satisfied by working late and unusually more than required. This is deep rooted and embedded in the system, is well accepted and expected out of people.
This has given rise to so many hidden mental issues and illness.
The user notes how the toxic culture is promoted right at the time when a candidate sits for an interview. Because a candidate needs that job, he “has to accept this in compromise” and is left with “no other option”. The reason this is promoted is that managers and superiors take late hours for quality work. While here’s the fact, working for late hours ≠ quality work.

No matter how you spin this, one goes to an interview and is said ‘you will have to work late’ candidate has to accept this in compromise and have no other option. How to normalise working within 8 hours strictly? When will superiors and HR stop applauding people who sit late?
Working for late hours has been accepted as the norm in workplaces like “breathing air”.

The grind is never ending and I don’t think it really makes a difference. One goes other comes but this toxicity of ass licking and long working hours has to stop somewhere. Everyone has accepted this as breathing air.
The only reward working yourself to death brings is a “meagre 5% raise and that eye wash promotion”. While personal relationships go for a toss.

Ever imagined why your relationships at home and with your partner goes for a toss because of this? Imagine the time you put extra instead of earning that meagre 5% raise and that eye wash promotion. You buy that car and go to that lavish fine dining restaurant at the cost of?
The tweet has more than 8k likes and 1k retweets, which definitely speaks volumes. People working across various sectors related strongly to the tweet and spoke about their experiences.

Another thing is – if there’s little concrete work to do they get you to do all kinds of BS donkey clerical work which adds zero value and is just to kill time. So you do this rubbish instead of upskilling
This is the most accurate description ofIndia’s work culture &the Indian bosses/employees take pride in it.They don’t realise the pitfalls they are creating &this is the reason they are gobsmacked when they enter other work cultures where efficiency & time bound work ethics exist
Actually, staying late hours and delaying deadlines ought to be signs of inefficiency & tardiness. There are bosses that wait until the last minute to assign some fickle tasks that are passed off as “urgent”.
And it’s a vicious cycle- if you’re productive, focused and excellent +
Every single word in this is thread is so true. I've never seen an employeer/client who'd make sure the work is sorted during work hours so nobody has to work late or on weekends. Low wage and working extra is what they call "normal" and is glorified, it truly sucks. 🙁
Unfortunately there is no incentive for productivity. If you do a 8 hour job in 2 hours – no body is going to like it. Because you are questioning the legacy and people have been doing it this way for decades not years!
I try to login and logoff on time, doing my work diligently during the work hours and then there would be some mf who took awful amount of breaks and have to stretch an hour or two for the day telling me oh you loggoff early?
Also longer work hours are not directly proportional to efficiency or quality delivered. Developed countries are moving towards reducing the working hours or working days to increase efficiency.
100% agree on this, this is not a rant & it shud be treated as a societal disorder of epidemic proportions. Ask a wrkng mom or a person with other rspnsblties treated with disdain just coz they prioritise tht during their “non-work” hours. Whn exctly r the “non-wrk” hrs?
This “overtime” culture is also heavily prevalent in Japan, and Japan has the highest rate of suicide among working population all over globe.

Why? Simple answer – Burnout from work stress
It’s high time workplaces start promoting a culture that keeps the mental health of an employee also in focus.


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