Satyajeet Dubey speaks up about the paparazzi culture. He expressed his views about how celebs tend to react shocked whenever they see shutterbugs clicking them at events, despite knowing that it was their own PR team who has asked the paps to be there.
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Updated: 04 Nov 2022 2:41 am
The paparazzi culture is something that has been making its presence felt every single day. We open up Facebook, and there is a barrage of celeb photos, we open up Twitter, and there is a deluge of celeb photos, and we open up Instagram, and the flood of celeb photos just hits through the roof. Celebs get caught every time they’re out of their homes. It’s like a daily routine to be clicked outside one’s own home, then while getting down at the gym, and then maybe at some evening party, and, best of all, at the airport.
Satyajeet Dubey speaks up about this trend. Having begun his career pretty much at the same time when this social media boom started in India, the fine actor has worked his way to being one of the most searched-after names in today’s showbiz. Having done numerous films, his popularity soared during the pandemic when his show ‘Mumbai Diaries’ was released on Amazon Prime Video. The show catapulted him to instant stardom, and his life hasn’t been the same ever since. He has been working on back-to-back projects and, when the film or show is a hit or flop, he is getting praised for every single character that he portrays on screen.
While there is a good aspect of the paparazzi, that you get your photos or videos displayed everywhere, but there is a bad aspect to it as well, because you end up losing all your privacy. Recently a video of Jaya Bachchan became viral everywhere. Allegedly she was not happy with the paparazzi present at the event, and she started questioning them about why they were there. She isn’t the only one as many celebs have felt uncomfortable at times being clicked by the shutterbugs. But isn’t that the price of being a celebrity?
Talking about who’s right and who’s wrong, Satyajeet Dubey says, “It's a two-way street in my opinion because despite being celebrities, they too have their personal space and that needs to be respected. The boundaries must be clear and there should be mutual respect between one another. I believe both, the paps and the celebrities, need each other and when they are clicking pictures from a safe distance, it should be fine.”
Has he ever faced such a situation, especially after the enormous success of ‘Mumbai Diaries’? “I personally haven’t been in a spot where it has disturbed me so far,” adds Satyajeet Dubey.
Another funny thing that happens is how, many times, celebs react surprised seeing photographers, despite knowing very well that their own PR team has sent them the details of the event. That begs the question, does being always seen and being in the news translate to getting more work? “I think in the times of social media and digital media, it is important to be seen. However, I completely disagree with those who invite the media and then act perturbed by their presence and hence one should strike a balance. One needn’t call the media everywhere as it can be exhausting and an overkill,” concludes Satyajeet Dubey.
The actor was recently seen in ‘Aye Zindagi’ which has got some great reviews.
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