By India Today Web Desk: Indian-origin leader Rishi Sunak became the first Hindu to be appointed as the UK Prime Minister. The Conservative Party leader once again proudly displayed his religious roots as he sported the sacred Hindu 'Kalawa' thread during his first address after taking charge as the UK PM.
At 10 Downing Street, 42-year-old Rishi Sunak was seen wearing the sacred red thread as he waved at his supporters.

Rishi Sunak has always embraced his Indian and Hindu heritage. After the 2017 general elections, Sunak took his oath of allegiance as a lawmaker on the Hindu holy book Bhagavad Gita.

Rishi Sunak also proudly proclaimed his Hindu identity when he said, “I am now a citizen of Britain. But my religion is Hindu. My religious and cultural heritage is Indian. I proudly say that I am a Hindu and my identity is also a Hindu.”
In August this year, Rishi Sunak visited a temple with his wife, Akshata, on Janmashtami. Rishi Sunak also posted about his visit on Instagram.
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The Hindu MP also won praise from Indians living in the UK when he performed Gau puja with his wife in London. The couple were seen worshipping a cow and performing an Aarti.
Who? Rishi Sunak (PM candidate)
Where ? London, England
What ? Performing Cow worship

That’s our rich cultural heritage we must be proud about.

तत् त्वम असि = Tat twam asi #Hinduism #Rishisunak #India #London #Hindutva — Sumit Arora (@LawgicallyLegal) August 25, 2022

Rishi Sunak also regularly visits the temple in Hampshire. As per a report by the Independent, the Vedic Society Hindu Temple in Southampton was established by Rishi Sunak’s grandfather, Ramdas Sunak, in 1971, with his father, Yash, continuing his connection as a trustee during the 1980s.

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