Dharma (Righteous living) is the most important goal of Hindu way of life. Hindu religion is the base of Indian civilization. Descent of God to earth ten times (10 avatars), the Ramayana, the Mahabharata are illustrations of war on evil. So are festivals like Dasara, Deepavali etc. Gajani, Ghori were only looters of a tiny part of immense wealth in India. Moguls came to stay and enjoy our wealth. After the Kalinga war cruel Asoka came under the influence of Buddhism as it was spreading fast. Adisankaracharya travelled all over India and with his Advaita (an interpretation of vedic culture) rooted out Buddhism from India.
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Hindu minds are intact
Muslims destroyed Hindu idols and temples but could not affect Hindu minds. British, with ‘Whiteman’s burden’ wanted to ‘reform’ us. When they were not cared for they started onslaught on our culture by introducing English, replacing respect for Sanskrit through which the record of our civilization existed. In 1835 lord Macaulay wrote to British queen for permission to introduce English in India. The reason he gave was Indians looked down on British as they (Indians) had immense wealth and that they felt that their own culture was superior. So destroying their pride was necessary and striking at Sanskrit was the way to subjugate India. Of course, in 112 years they made us a poor country, which did not have even enough food to eat, and left us in 1947. So we were gradually made aliens to our culture and became slaves of western mindset. IT industry and globalization further damaged our ancient culture and we remained aping the West.
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Our own people did it
Our history tells us that our own people like Jayachandra and brother of Rana Pratap, were responsible for our degradation. Even today some of the opposition party people want Pakistan or China to rescue Congress from Modi. This age old malady of back-stabbing progressive people is at the root of all our troubles.
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