To celebrate 75 years of Independent India, an art exhibition brings together 15 artists from different states of the country; Artist Reba Mandal from Chhattisgarh, M.P, has done artworks based on Benaras Ghats with acrylic on canvas. (Source: PR Handout)

Titled ‘Panorama 21’, the ongoing art exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi, Gallery No-1, New Delhi till September 15, 2022 aims to showcase “different artists celebrating creativity and freshness through their artworks”; Amit Kumar’s artwork appeals for protection of tigers. (Source: PR Handout)

Art curator Priyanka Banerjee who has brought together the exhibition believes that the opulent art and architecture of India is testimony to the fact that there were kings, patrons and national leaders who have motivated uncountable artists from time to time; New Delhi-based artist Anindita Kishore’s work revolve around nature (Source: PR Handout)

An artwork by artist Dhananjay Kumar from Andhra Pradesh. (Source: PR Handout)

Participating artists include Anindita Kishore, Meghna Agarwal, Poonam Ray, Pankaj Bharti, Reba Mandal, Purnendu Mandal, Dhanajay Kumar, Geeta Kwatra, Amit Kumar, Seema Parveen, Nilay Sarkar, Reba Mondol, Rama Sharma, Tapos Das and Mridul Chakraborty; Geeta Kwatra’s artwork explores mandala paintings (Source: PR Handout)

Meghna Agarwal Jain’s artwork aims to create awareness on global warming. (Source: PR Handout)

An artwork by Mridul Chakraborty. (Source: PR Handout)

Dabbling in a diverse range of mediums — from watercolour on paper, gouache and oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas to mixed media — the artists create an impression that transcends all barriers, notes the press statement; Artwork by Nilay Sarkar. (Source: PR Handout)

Pankaj Bharti’s work explores the complexities of the sub-conscious mind. (Source: PR Handout)

Purnendu Mandal’s work focuses on cityscapes in the city of Joy, Kolkata. (Source: PR Handout)

Rama Sharma’s work harps on the importance of communication in our fast-paced lives. (Source: PR Handout)

Artist Seema Parveen from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh showcases intricate artworks based on traditional pottery done beautifully on paper with water colours. (Source: PR Handout)


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