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In India, one thing that unites all of the diverse cultures – delectable cuisines. We believe no other country*s cuisine can be compared to Indian food! Tenderness, warmth, and years of practice have trickled down through generations making Indian food so enticing. Laced with panache and luxe, traditional Indian cuisine never fails to surprise us with unique flavours, colours, and memories.

An Indian food lover at heart, Muskaan Aggarwal is a young millennial rooted in traditional Indian cuisine. Her love for food and her desire to be an entrepreneur led her to launch her own brand along with her mother, Jyoti Aggarwal, Misri K*la. Misri K*la is a luxury catering enterprise offering authentic Indian food with new-age recipes, making a perfect balance of modernising your roots while still maintaining your soul. Bringing you the best quality dishes with complete hygiene, Misri K*la presents a range of services that is second to none. In the quest for rejuvenating and reinventing authentic Indian cuisines and desserts, Misri K*la strives to add a new savour to them. Taste, luxury, and trust come together to make the brand Misri K*la.

There is no doubt that the brand name perfectly defines the concept behind it. Misri is the sweet compliment to a rich meal, and Kala is the artistry of the handcraft. A luxurious, tasteful, and artistic experience is what Misri K*la intends to bring to you. Speaking of the menu, Misri K*la has a plethora of food items starting from the soup, the starters, the main course and ending with the desserts. All of them are truly sumptuous.

A celebration is never complete without food. Regardless of the event, it*s an idea that brings people together. It can be a wedding, anniversary, promotion, baby shower, or house party. Consequently, the food catering industry is exponentially growing in India. It is becoming increasingly popular among events, family functions, corporate events, and residential complexes. One of the main reasons for the growth of this industry is the demand for healthy home-cooked food.

“Misri K*la aims to fill the void in the industry, bringing you the warmth of home-cooked food. Our goal is to make our clientele believe that if the catering is in our hands, there*s nothing to worry about.” says Muskaan Aggarwal, Founder of Misri K*la.

Misri K*la*s vision is to be the one-stop luxury catering brand that people can count on for quality, service, and dependability. Misri K*la also envisions giving Indian traditional food a global appeal and catering to various audiences across the country. This September, relish the heritage with a modern twist and enhance the beauty of your celebrations with Misri K*la.


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