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Cake To Fries: 4 Turnip Recipes You Cannot Miss 
Updated : September 20, 2022 13:09 IST
Include this healthy veggie in your diet with these delicious recipes 

Vegetables are staple in Indian cuisine. There is a wide variety of options available in the market along with local and seasonal greens. An ideal Indian thali never has less than two varieties of veggies which are prepared with various spices that gives delicious savoury flavour to the meal. And there are also so many interesting ways these veggies are cooked across India. But these healthy foods are so versatile that they can be even converted into desserts. The best example is parwal mithai,  a popular North-Indian dessert made from pointed gourd commonly known as parwal in India. Pumpkin, bottle gourd and carrot are other common vegetables that are enjoyed as desserts as well as snacks. Turnip is another versatile vegetable that can be added into the meal in various ways such pickles, soups and salads. 
This ivory vegetable has an excellent nutrient profile, packed with vitamins (C, A, K) and antioxidants along with being low in carbs. Due to this, they are considered good for weight management and bone health. According to Healthline, they also have anti-inflammatory effects that make it beneficial for chronic diseases like arthritis. But most of the time, people, especially kids, do not like eating turnips.
If you’re kids are fussy about eating turnips too,  here are four interesting ways to include it in your diet: 
1. Turnip Savoury Cake

2. Turnip Pie
 Serve with whipped cream and enjoy. 
3. Turnip Cutlet

Serve with chutney or ketchup. 
4. Turnip Fries
Serve with ketchup or chutney of your choice. 
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