Indian cuisine and snacks are popular all over the world because there is a wide variety to choose from. Videos of foreigners trying Indian food for the first time are delightful to watch and their reaction after trying something spicy or sweet is priceless.
Australian content creator Tannar also tried Indian snacks for the first time and posted a video on Facebook eating them. Tannar’s video begins with her eating the spicy bhakarwadi, which she describes as little cinnamon scrolls. She says she likes the taste and calls it “yummy”. Then she tries the popular nutcracker and says they smell like nuts. “I don’t know what they are coated in, but that is delicious,” she says.
Tannar has a bit of difficulty in pronouncing soan papdi, but says she absolutely loved it. She says she has done a lot of snack videos but soan papdi is the best thing she has ever tasted in her life. “It’s like a harder cotton candy. And it tastes like a cake, with almonds. Where has this been all my life,” she says in the video.
After that, she eats chai puri, banana chips, Kurkure, Uncle Chips, murraku, mathri, khari, sandwich bhakarwadi, jackfruit chips, and lime pickle and even drinks Rooh Afza.
Watch the video below:

Since being posted on July 10, the video has received more than 5.40 lakh views and over 400 comments.
“Son papdi is something either you like it or you hate it there is no in between,” commented a Facebook user. “At last!!!! The Soan Papdi got the respect she deserved lol. If you’re an indian know what I’m saying,” posted another. “In India.. Soan Papdi is treated as a … Consolation prize.. But I personally like it,” shared a third.
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