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Image: Republic World
A stage artist named Yogesh Gupta on Wednesday died on stage while performing, due to a heart attack, in the Bishnah area of Jammu. The artiste collapsed while giving a dance performance during the Ganesh Utsav programme in Kothey village, Jammu. According to the sources, the artiste was 20 years old. 
In a video clip, the artiste was dressed as a woman and was seen dancing in front of the audience in a Ganesh Utsav programme. While performing, he suddenly collapsed and the audience believed that he was performing and playing his part in the play. It was his co-artiste who arrived on stage and noted that he was not conscious. After failed attempts to wake the artiste up, his colleague called for help.
Earlier, the death of the famous Bollywood singer KK sent shockwaves across the country when he passed away in Kolkata after performing at a concert. According to the reports, he was “feeling heavy” after reaching his hotel and soon collapsed. He was then declared dead when he was taken to a nearby private hospital. 
Malayalam singer Edava Basheer, just two days ahead of KK’s demise, was also reported to have collapsed on stage during a performance on May 28. Basheer was known for popularising the orchestra in Kerala. The artiste was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival.


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