By Shubhi Mishra: If you have a deep love for cars, we must dare you to watch this video without flinching an eye. So, a clip of a little boy scribbling with a red lipstick on a white car has gone viral online. It was shared on Twitter by a user named Morissa Schwartz and has gone viral with over 1 lakh views.
In the now-viral video, a little boy scribbled on the body of the white car. He used bright red lipstick to do that and created gibberish patterns on it. As soon as he was done, he threw the lipstick and scurried away on his adorable little tricycle.
"He’ll own a body shop one day," reads the caption of the post.
Watch the viral video here:
He’ll own a body shop one da 😂 — Morissa Schwartz (Dr. Rissy) (@MorissaSchwartz) October 20, 2022

No points in guessing that netizens had a lot to say about the viral clip. A major chunk of them were amused and laughed out loud at the child's antics.
"Making things prettier…very well done," a user wrote.

Another user commented, "Little gangster."
See the comments here:
surely the mother sent him to do that — Me Puse Weon. (@PuseWeon) October 20, 2022
🧐😳😆 — David Mejia (@DavidMe74348132) October 20, 2022
He should pay for this — تميم بن محمد الدوسري (@Tamim_D) October 20, 2022
making things prettier.. very well done. — Het DBB (@HetDBB) October 20, 2022
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣too funny — JohnDavid Bethel (@JDBethel1971Fl) October 20, 2022
Little gangster — Air force (@Rappo_log) October 21, 2022
He is so cute. That's how babies amuse themselves. — Aureen Edward (@AureenEdward2) October 22, 2022
PURO ARTE… — Eduardo Suarez (@eduu_suarez) October 20, 2022
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