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According to Allen, when you can watch your imagination appear on the screen, there is something special about that.
At the Colorado State Fair, an AI-developed art piece that won first place in the competition has people in the art community concerned. So today, the artist from Pueblo West is defending his work. 
Jason M. Allen created a piece called ‘Théâtre D’opéra Spatial’, or Space Opera Theatre, using AI. It was with an online art program called Mid Journey. 
However, some people are taking to social media to share their concerns about the first-place prize. They claim it is unfair because AI art breaks the rules and goes against digital art methods. 
According to Allen, when you can watch your imagination appear on the screen, there is something special about that. He said he authored the piece using trial and error and creative words and prompts. However, on social media, his artwork received thousands of comments of criticism calling the win unfair.  
Scott Stroller, the general manager of the state fair, weighed in and said that the entry abides by the judging guidelines. But it is a conversation moving forward as art has evolved throughout the years. 
Allen submitted three pieces of artwork that were a part of the Space Opera Theatre. He has sold two of the pieces, including the first-place winner, for $750.  
Stroller also mentioned some people believe rules were broken, and if someone can find that in the show requirements, they will review it. 
Stroller and Allen’s opinion brings up the conversation of having an AI category of digital artwork in future art shows. 
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