The United States has issued four travel advisories for India this year in 2022.
In 2022, the United States has issued four travel advisories for India, and it has kept its citizens wishing to visit the country on Level 2 (exercise increased caution) since March 28.
The American travel advisories, maintained and issued by the Department of State, are divided into four different colour-coded levels from 1 to 4, with 1 (white) being the safest place to travel and 4 (red) being the no travel zone advised for its citizens. This division was first implemented several years ago.
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Most frequently Level 2 and occasionally Level 3 travel advisories have been issued for India. In April 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, it was classified as Level 4. Since March 28, when the State Department dropped it from Level 3 travel advice of January 24, yellow-colored Level 2 has advised Americans to take enhanced caution when travelling to India. At Level 3, the US urges its nationals to think twice before visiting that nation.
The latest three travel advisories issued in 2022—on March 28, July 25, and October 5—are comparable in nature and focus to the ones issued earlier this year given that the situation with the coronavirus in India has almost normalised.
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The United States may issue travel advisories depending on a number of variables. The state of the nation, public health issues, law and order, terrorism, relations with that nation and travel season are prominent examples of these.
Afghanistan and Myanmar are ranked in the highest Level 4 category in India’s neighbourhood, while Pakistan and China are ranked in Level 3. Bhutan is in Level 1, and Bangladesh, Nepal, the Maldives and Sri Lanka are in Level 2, which is where the US advises its people to use normal caution when travelling.
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(With PTI inputs)
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