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‘I often faced two nagging questions. Why have I written a Hindi writer’s life in English and why about his love life? Why not, is how I often counter. Why should Agyeya be left to Hindi alone?’
Only time will tell if Congress, the Grand Old Party, can tackle its leadership crisis and rejuvenate ideologically, but young cadres suggest the Gandhi family remains relevant
Dynasty-driven political parties in India have habitually shunned second rung leaders outside the family. Parties driven by individual personality and charisma too have stymied the growth of younger leaders, often at the cost of the political outfits they lead.
The past shows that the BJP has several aces up its sleeve when it comes to leadership changes
Despite leading organisations for over two decades, leaders of Communist parties develop no right over the party. In fact, even general secretaries have been restrained, demoted and expelled.
The self-censorship and silence over the attack on Salman Rushdie for The Satanic Verses in Bangladeshi media and society is telling
Updated: 02 Sep 2022 11:54 am
The man
Five years and over 800 pages later, when I think of how Agyeya’s biography happened, I am reminded of a few lines from W.H. Auden’s O Tell Me the Truth About Love.
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