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Updated: November 23, 2022 @ 5:52 am
A painting by Edison Chiloquin and other artifacts were recently gifted to the Lake County Museum.
The Schmink Memorial Museum is ready for fall.

A painting by Edison Chiloquin and other artifacts were recently gifted to the Lake County Museum.
The Schmink Memorial Museum is ready for fall.
When outstanding or rare pieces of history surface, Lake County Museum is quick to accept such items. Within this past month, the museum was excited to accept a picture painted by the late Edison Chiloquin, plus a tomahawk and what is likely a ceremonial instrument made from a gourd. Included in the donation was a beautifully beaded Native American bag. Maurice Lepley of Lakeview donated the items.
Maurice Lepley’s late husband, Delmer, owned these rare pieces from the estate of his mother, Ada. For many years Ada worked as a waitress in Vallier’s Café in Klamath Falls. Edison Chiloquin frequented the café and gifted these items as a gesture of friendship to Ada. Maurice had stored the smaller items in a box underneath a bed for many years and the framed picture hung on her spare bedroom wall. Lake County Museum now displays them in its Native American Room. The painting is signed, “Ed. Chiloquin 9-17-56.”
Edison Chiloquin was born August 31, 1923 and died May 17, 2003. He is famed for being the only member of the Klamath Indian Tribe to refuse payment when their tribal lands were terminated by the federal government in 1954. Over the course of ensuing years and further settlements between the tribe and the government Edison Chiloquin remained steadfast in his refusal.
“It would be like selling a part of you or a part of our ancestors,” Chiloquin said. “This is sacred land where my grandfather lived. His bones are here. I belong here.”
In 1980 the “Chiloquin Act” was passed by congress and signed by President Jimmy Carter granting Edison Chiloquin 580 acres of what was then the Winema National Forest. A memorandum of understanding between Chiloquin and the government specified that Pla-ik-ni Village is to be used for cultural purposes by Chiloquin and his descendants.
When the transfer was completed, Chiloquin said, “I’m glad I didn’t take the money because it keeps me proud of myself. It makes me glad because I feel free, like a free Indian.”
Lake County and Schminck Memorial Museums remain open for the season through Saturday, Oct. 29. Hours are from 12 noon until 4 p.m., Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The museums will end their season with a special event, “A Night at the Museums” on Thursday, October 27. That event, co-sponsored by Lake County Historical Society, will feature living history with visits from local historical figures such as: General George Crook, Indian John, Pearl Hall, Elizabeth Currier Foster and an unidentified “Lady of the Evening.” Hours on the 27th will be from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. with light refreshments served in the connecting driveway.
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