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Image: Insta-museumofthefuture
The most technologically – ‘advanced’ humanoid robot in the world has recently been welcomed to Dubai’s Museum of Future, ARN News reported. The robot, which goes by the name Ameca, comes with ample features, including multi-linguality, the ability to navigate, and the skill to greet visitors. While Ameca does not possess the ability to move at the moment, developers are working on making it highly humanlike. 
A clip uploaded on the official Twitter and Instagram handles of the Museum of Future earlier this week, displays the robot interacting with a museum worker named Aya in the Emirati language. The robot then assures the employee that it does not aim to steal her job, but only hopes to make it easier. 
“Ameca, the most advanced Humanoid Robot in the world joins the Museum of the Future team,” read the caption of the video, which has garnered over 48,000 views and several comments. “Understanding how fast technological innovation is progressing, I ponder where humanity will be in the next 50 to 100 years,” one user wrote. “This is amazing and scary at the same time. I wonder how much AI and robotics will advance by 2071,” another user added. 
A post shared by Museum of the Future (@museumofthefuture)
According to ARN News, visitors and guests at the museum will be able to meet the humanoid robot on their next visit. Ameca will not only serve as an exhibition piece, but will also play the essential role of greeting visitors and surprising them with its various facial expressions and gestures, including winking, smiling, and frowning. The robot is set to be a key attraction at the Museum of the Future, which is an exhibition space known for its futuristic attractions. The museum, which is situated in Dubai’s Financial District, is divided into three parts: buildings, green hill, and void. 


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