Throughout Asia, travelers can visit museums dedicated to its most incredible time periods, and the history is overflowing at the ancient exhibits.
The world is full of history. Asia, especially, is home to a deep history of the people who lived, things they did, and things that happened even from natural circumstances. The best way to appreciate the history of people is to preserve it. The best way to preserve history is by teaching it, preserving heritage sites, and keeping museums safe.
If a traveler wants to find enough information or history about a certain location, community, or people, then a museum is an excellent place to start. When visiting a new country, getting to a few museums will help one learn so much about the country. For Asia, here are the top 10 best ancient museums.
It is one of the most popular museums in Vietnam. The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City, and it was built in remembrance of the war in Vietnam. The Museum contains many artifacts and other machines used during the great war. For a tourist interested in learning as much as possible about the war history of Vietnam, this is the right place to visit.
The Museum is also in a city, giving visitors an easy time seeing other places.
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The National Museum of China is found in Beijing, China. It contains a lot of Chinese history, with the Museum started more than a 1.7million years ago. The Museum is reported to hold over 1 million artifacts, all relating to the history of china.
Being one of the largest museums in the world, it sits on more than 65,000 square meters of space and has 48 exhibition halls. It is also the most visited museum in the whole of Asia.
First opened in 1978, The National Museum of Natural History is located in New Delhi in India. It is a museum dedicated to highlighting the history, regional art, local culture and promoting education in the region. The Museum is rich in Indian history and is managed by the government.
Although the Museum is known to contain a lot of history, there were plans to improve it in 2015 and include conservation, ecology, galleries, human and animal cells.
The Shanghai science and technology museum is found in Shanghai, China. It is one of the most visited museums in the world. The Museum is large as it occupies more than 68,000 square meters. The Museum also has a post-doctoral research center.
The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum has more than 11 permanent galleries making it an attractive museum. Some of the topics covered in the Museum include space travel and robots. It also has an IMAX Cinema and a 4D theater.
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The Zhejiang Museum is located in Hangzhou, China. It is a museum that was opened in 2009, and it has gained popularity for its unique ancient history. The Museum contains pottery, ivory artifacts, bone tools, woodenware, and lacquerware.
The Zhejiang museum has a large collection of silver coins, bronzes, porcelain, paintings, calligraphy, and jade items. The Museum receives a high number of visitors, and it is a good destination for visitors in Hangzhou, China.
It was the 19th most visited Museum in the world last year. It holds the record for the 6th highest visited Museum in Asia. The Museum is old enough as it was first opened in 1925. The Museum offers excellent experiences for visitors as it has a large collection of historical information and objects from the Chinese empire.
It is a museum located in Taipei, Taiwan, and for someone looking for a good place to visit and learn about the Chinese empire, it is a perfect place. In 2019, the Museum received more than 3,800,000 visitors.
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is located in Ueno Park, Japan. It was constructed and opened in 1975. So far, the Museum has become one of the most unique and visited museums in japan. The most amazing part about the Museum is that it combines ancient history, artwork, and contemporary pieces.
As a result, one can enjoy a combination of the history of the past and amazing modern-day pieces. It has exhibitions and halls that have received millions of visitors.
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The Hubei Provincial Museum, found in Wuhan, China, is one of the oldest and quite unique. It is home to the Sword of Goujian and other over 200,000 objects that carry the history of china. The Museum was established in 1953 and has since become an attraction for many people.
It is a museum with more than 42,000 square meters of space and more than 13,400 square meters in the exhibition area. One of the things a visitor can enjoy by visiting the Museum is the ancient Chu Music. The Museum also has a 2,400-year-old set of chime balls.
Shaanxi History Museum is found in Xi’an, China, and is home to over 370,000 items. The Museum was opened in 1983 but had some of the most amazing items and history of china, which a visitor will be glad to enjoy. Some of the items to be found in this Museum include precious metals, coins, pottery, and paintings.
It is built in the Tang architectural design, making it a significant structure for visitors. It is a popular museum as it received more than 2,900,000 visitors in 2019.
It is an education center and Museum that was officially opened in 1956. It was later improved with a 10 story building in 2003. The best thing about this Museum is that it combines both contemporary and ancient history.
The Museum also has both permanent and temporary galleries. Other areas in the Museum include restaurants, theaters, and laboratories. It is also considered a high-tech facility with even a robot education center.
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