Literary scholar Oleti Bangariswara Sharma speaking at a meeting of Kala Gowthami in Rajamahendravaram on Monday. Speaker BVS Murthy and chief guest Jakkampudi Vijayalakshmi are also seen.

Rajamahendravaram (East Godavari District): Literary scholar Oleti Bangariswara Sharma said that although Mahabharata is home to many stories, it stands as a testament to absolute truth. As part of Rajaraja Narendra’s millennium celebrations, he participated as the main speaker at a meeting organised by Kala Gowthami Saraswata Parishad and Jakkampudi Foundation on Monday.
Sharma said that the anecdotes of Mahabharata still stand as evidence of Indian cultural traditions. He said all these are ideal for human lives. In Mahabharata, along with the factual elements, the mindsets of Indians are hidden. Nannaya’s storyline is a guide for every poet, he said.
In Shakuntalopakhyanam, the mindsets of today’s Indian women, the changes coming from time to time as well as moral and social aspects are seen. Kavitrayam has made Mahabharata translation into Telugu by combining the mindsets, emotions, traditions and devotion of the Telugu people.
Dr BVS Murthy, who presided over the meeting, said that a book like Mahabharata is not found anywhere else. YSRCP CGC member Jakkampudi Vijayalakshmi, the chief guest, described Mahabharata as a book that upholds India’s supremacy at global level.
Telugu professor Dr Karapatla Satyanarayana, Kala Gowthami general secretary Dr PVB Sanjeeva Rao, Adikavi Nannaya University Social Work department Professor Dr Y Bhaskara Rao, contractor Thota Subba Rao and Degree College Principal Ramakrishna spoke.
Jakkampudi Vijayalakshmi released a special edition of ‘Telugu Tejam’ on the World Folk Day.
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