By India Today Web Desk: In an exclusive conversation with India Today Group, Kangana Ranaut opened on Bollywood films not working at the box office in comparison to South movies like Ponniyin Selvan and Kantara. She also spoke about nepotism and the diminishing star culture in Bollywood.

Speaking about Bollywood facing an identity crisis with back-to-back flops, Kangana Ranaut said, "Right now the films that are working are full of Indianness. If we talk about Kantara, it is related to devotion and spirituality on a micro level. Ponniyin Selvan is about the Cholas. Audience relates to Hindu values in Kantara, PS 1. Influenced by the western culture, Bollywood is straying away from our culture and is making more western (influenced) films. I think people can't relate to them anymore."

When asked if she thinks nepotism has reduced in Bollywood, she said, "I don't think nepotism has reduced because it is a closeknit system. But the good thing is that people are now aware. Public now knows and they are saying 'yeh sab ab nahi chalega'."
She also spoke about how the star culture is over. She said earlier, there were times people used to faint seeing Rajesh Khanna but through the digital medium, people now know these actors more closely and they also get criticised if something goes amiss.
"Now, the common man know that they don't need to make role models out of these actors. They feel 'why shouldn't I make a role model out of Shri Ram or APJ Abdul Kalam or someone else Their awareness has finished star culture."
She further added, "There will be star but now expectations have increased. There are still role models but now people will question and they will be answerable."

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