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Topic:Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India..
2. India is vastly older, and a cultural-civilisational legacy. Throw light on the diversity in India and challenges associated with it. (250 words)
Difficulty level: Tough
Reference: Indian ExpressInsights on India
Why the question:
In the popular imagination, India is a spatial entity. It has a map, a shape—it is a piece of the earth cut out from the rest of the land on this planet, delimited by strict ideas about what is ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. It is this entity that marks the 75th year of its independence today.
Key Demand of the question:
To write about diversity in India and challenges associated with it.
Structure of the answer:
Start by mentioning how India is a culturally diverse since time immemorial.
In the first, in detail write about the various aspects of diversity – linguistic, religious, ethnic, racial, caste etc. Write how these have shaped India.
Next, write about the various types of challenges associate with diversity in India and cite examples to substantiate.
Next, write about the ways to counter these challenges and uphold pluralism in the country.
Conclude by writing a way forward.
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