By Shruti Bansal : Art and culture play an extremely significant role in the development of any country. India has its own heritage of art and culture. The vibrant art and culture of our country give us the self-confidence to stand together because they represent a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices. Through the ages, art has been a creative way to preserve history, presenting various perspectives and scenarios.
Art as a medium is a collection of languages that aids in understanding and communicating between people from different cultures. Artistic representations are often used by people to relate to other cultures and societies.
To make it more interactive and progressive, the All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technology (AISECT), with its focus on skill development, higher education, financial inclusion, e-Governance, and other ICT-based services, has come forward as the only university that, along with the support of the government, is helping students to understand the importance of their rich culture to make them work in the industry.

During an interaction at the inaugural function of the fourth edition of Vishwarang organised by the AISECT group in Delhi, Santosh Choubey, founder of AISECT, says, "AISECT has always maintained that students must have a scientific temperament and an artistic heart, a sense of feeling and human value that art conveys, which, makes it balanced."
"We are working on science and technology, as well as on the Arts and culture both, by keeping the importance of Indian languages in mind," he further adds.

"Students, those who come here for higher education, we provide them with an opportunity for additional subjects like drama, arts, and content writing, to help them experience and provide them with an opportunity to try their hands in that field too," Mr choubey, Founder, AISECT.

Further moving ahead in this direction, AISECT is organising 'Vishwarang' from 2019 every year and this year also coming up with the 4th edition of it to spread the message of peace and unity across the world. During these seven days of the festival, artists and eminent personalities from across the globe will join hands to enlighten and appreciate our country's culture, art, and literature.

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