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Desi Turka Indian Cuisine is offering special meal deals this month in honour of Diwali celebrations, and those promotions will continue into November, to celebrate the restaurant’s fifth anniversary, which is on Nov. 15.
For Diwali, not only is the restaurant offering meal specials, but they are also providing free dessert for its guests.
Located at the border of Burnaby and New West on historic 6th Street, Desi Turka Indian Cuisine offers a variety of dishes from several parts of India but specializes in North Indian flavours.
Owner Deepak Khanchi graduated with a hotel and restaurant management degree before moving to B.C. from Ontario to open his restaurant.
“In India, agriculture and farming is my family profession so we carry key knowledge of spices and vegetables from farm to fork,” Khanchi says.
Desi Turka’s dedicated chefs have decades of experience working in five star hotels and large restaurants in India and other countries.
​Desi Turka has a local reputation for excellence with over 10,000 Instagram followers.
“More than 10,000 followers on Instagram can't be wrong,” Khanchi says.
“It’s all local fans appreciating the food quality and experience.”
The menu features over 80 items, many of which are not available anywhere else locally. There are also a huge variety of vegan dishes and most items are gluten and nut free. The menu balances a mix of innovative and traditional meals with a blend of Eastern and Western flavours.
Desi Turka serves fresh, flavorful, and spicy Indian food prepared with fresh herbs, roasted and made-in-house garam masalas, and rich flavors from ginger and garlic. Desi Turka specializes in traditional Indian curries from various parts of the country, culturally-inspired rice dishes, and fresh tandoori pieces of bread made in its tandoori oven.
The menu offerings are designed to transport the diner on a culinary journey through different states and regions of India.
“Our chicken biryani and butter chicken are one-of-a-kind and our customers come back to us for these two particular items,” Khanchi says.
They have also launched an artistic cocktail and mocktail menu for guests.
The restaurant is perfect for family dining or for a romantic night out in its whimsical Indian-inspired setting.
The restaurant also prides itself on excellent service.
“Desi Turka has a core philosophy, which is that ‘Nar Seva Narayan Seva,’ which means serving humanity is as great as serving God,” Khanchi says.
“We pay very close attention and treat guests like royalty.”
In addition to its anniversary and Diwali specials, which are listed in detail on the restaurant’s Facebook page and website, there are also two ongoing specials for diners.
The first is the Thirsty Wednesday offer, which features half-price wine bottles and beer.
Desi Turka also offers 10% off online orders that are picked up at the restaurant.

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