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Indian food, one of the most famous and celebrated cuisines in the world. With it’s variety of bold flavors and exotic spices, it’s often only eaten in restaurants.
With this collection of amazing Indian Recipes, now you can make these same delicious dishes in your own kitchen.
From their famous curries to perfectly seasoned vegetable dishes, rice preparations to kebabs, you’ll find it all here.
Cook your way through all of these great Indian recipes, and get curried!
We are starting this impressive list of Indian Recipes with our own authentic Shrimp Korma recipe!
Shrimp are braised in a yogurt and nut-based velvety sauce with mild spices, that create the most delicious curry you have ever had.
You can use this curry base for any of your favorite proteins. This korma needs patience, but the end result will be just too good.
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Pork Vindaloo recipe is the most popular dish on the western coast of India. This traditional dish is very easy to make, and has bright and vibrant flavors that are spicy, tangy, and a bit sweet, a perfect combination.
If you’re looking for spicy Indian recipes, this is a great start.
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Chicken Masala is a dish that you can find on every Indian restaurant menu. And this version of chicken masala is just irresistibly tasty, super easy, and quick to make.
Perfect to have with rotis or rice, get ready to experience true deliciousness. It’s one of our most popular Indian recipes.
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Dal Tadka is a famous vegetarian curry, that is a very common dish in Indian cuisine. This amazing recipe will show how to make this delicious and flavor-packed dal at home.
You are going to completely love this super comfort food of India.
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Try making an Indian version of stir fry with cottage cheese and veggies, Paneer Jalfrezi! This restaurant favorite dish is super easy to make with a spicy, tangy onion tomato sauce.
Perfect to try when you crave some meatless main dish.
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This Cauliflower Peas masala is the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly recipe ever!
This incredible Indian dish will soon become your favorite, with its amazing flavors. Spruce up your basic cauliflower with this delicious Gobi Matar.
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Now, these Chicken Tikkas are the most well-known Indian appetizer, that are loved worldwide.
This recipe is all about the perfectly spiced yogurt marinade. Once you know how to master the marinade, you can make restaurant-worthy tikkas at home.
So get ready to impress your family and friends with these super delicious and mouth-watering Chicken Tikkas.
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Give your potatoes and spinach a fantastic makeover with this super flavorful Sauteed Spinach and Potato recipe, Aloo Palak!
This flavor packed Indian dish is made with a few aromatics and spices, and is a super quick veggie dish. You are going to make this easy recipe all the time.
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Make these Chicken Chapli Kababs for your coming get-together or party, it will be the winner dish of the day.
These kababs are succulent, moist, juicy, and simply melt in your mouth deliciously. Ground chicken is tossed with exotic spices and fresh herbs, then cooked to perfection. Just too yummy…
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All veggie lovers, this Creamy Vegetable Korma recipe is just for you! This creamy cashew-based curry blend with assorted veggies and spices makes a perfect Indian comfort food.
You all will love this easy and quick recipe for sure.
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Kheema is a beloved dish that is very popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisine! This flavorsome ground beef can make a great meal, and is perfectly spiced and flavored.
Serve it with your favorite rotis, or naan bread. A great dish for your weeknight dinner.
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Egg Bhurji is the Indian style of scrambled eggs. The eggs cook in a savory masala with subtle hints of Indian spices.
It’s great for breakfast, but also makes a great meatless lunch or dinner.
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Make this easy and quick Saffron Rice, it’s an awesome side dish for your hearty meal. This recipe is made with a few ingredients, but it’s packed with amazing fragrance and flavor.
You are going to love this simple Saffron Rice.
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Make this Tomato Cucumber Raita as a side dish, it’s perfect alongside your spicy Indian recipes.
This yogurt-based raita is super easy to make. Just chop cucumber, tomatoes, onion, and chilies, then mix everything together and top with crushed peanuts for extra crunch and flavor.
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Give your leftover turkey an Indian twist by making this Tikka Masala version! This recipe is not only tasty, with all Indian flavors and aroma, but it’s totally fancy also.
Serve this delicious dish for your extended holidays and wow everyone.
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Treat yourself with this magical Indian sauce called Cilantro Mint Chutney! It’s spicy, zingy, tangy, minty, herby, and the coolest thing you will ever make.
You will simply love that in just 5 minutes you can create this amazing dip, dressing, marinade, or condiment.
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Make this classic Country Captain Chicken at home, it is very easy and delicious!
This recipe is a great mixture of American and Indian cuisine, and it creates the most mouth-watering satisfying chicken dish ever. Make your loved ones this classy dish and see them devour it completely.
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Butter Chicken is the most classic and famous Indian curry, and it is simply addictive! This super easy recipe makes a restaurant-style dish that you can relish with your family and friends.
What are you waiting for? Make this amazing Butter Chicken tonight…
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Pakal Paneer is a north Indian curry that will uplift your simple leafy spinach and cottage cheese to another level of deliciousness.
This super easy pressure cooker recipe gets ready in under 30 minutes. So enjoy this vegetarian delight that will become your family favorite.
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You are going to enjoy this simple Chana Masala, which is made with chickpeas.
This amazing recipe is made with Indian spices and flavors, that make a thick curry that’s extremely flavorful and irresistible.
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Dal Makhani is a very popular north Indian curry that is super rich and creamy! This recipe will show you how to make it traditional and delicious.
So give your family a surprise by making them this finger-licking delicious classic Indian Curry.
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Have you made curry with eggs? If not, then this Egg Curry Masala recipe is the perfect start.
This protein-packed dish with amazing Indian flavors and ingredients makes your normal eggs too good. So just relish this with roti or rice and make a completely comforting meal for your family.
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Rogan Josh is just brimming with flavors and is an absolutely mind-blowingly delicious dish.
This amazing curry is very easy to make. The main ingredients are Kashmiri chili powder, fennel seed powder, and dry ginger powder, which make this dish truly tasty. You will love it…
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Fish curry is a staple food in parts of India, and this Goan Fish Curry is one of the best you will ever eat! This authentic curry recipe is super simple to make, but packed with lots of flavors.
You’ll relish this tomato and coconut-based curry that take only 20 minutes to make.
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Another great vegetarian dish is Matar Paneer, which you defiantly need to try!
This restaurant version recipe is super simple to make with an onion tomato gravy base. The paneer and peas combination is like a match made in heaven. Serve this dish with parathas or naans.
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A very popular north Indian appetizer is Tandoori Chicken, which is sure to be one of your favorite Indian recipes.
This perfectly grilled chicken is simply a mind-blowing dish with its juicy, tender bites, and the most perfectly balanced marinade. So this Summer BBQ season, try this special and smoky Tandoori Chicken.
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Make ultimate homemade Indian bread at home with this Naan recipe! This soft, chewy perfectly cooked naan is very easy to make with simple staple ingredients.
You can pair this delicious naan with almost any gravy or dal. Serve it hot for the best results…
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Craving spicy, delicious, and something a little different? Then do make this Chettinad Prawn Masala, the most loved South Indian dish!
This recipe is the simplest, and it’s loaded with amazing bold flavors and a few spices that make it an absolutely outstanding shrimp dish. Try it and experience it yourself.
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Try this smashing Indian curry using mutton or lamb! You will love this flavor bomb curry that is very easy and quick to make.
The meat will literally melt in your mouth. Enjoy this curry with rice or roti and you will taste the ultimate goodness.
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Pav Bhaji is the most famous street food in Mumbai. This mouth-watering dish is basically a spicy mashed vegetable dish that is served with lots of butter, diced onions, cilantro, lime, and buttery toasted pav.
This flavorful dish will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Even the pickiest eater will love this veggie treat…
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Paneer Butter Masala is an extremely delicious Indian dish that is famous worldwide.
The recipe is amazingly simple to make using pantry staple ingredients to create a rich, creamy, buttery, and very tasty gravy.
It gets ready in under 30 minutes, so make your weeknight dinner incredible with this dish.
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You all will absolutely devour this Chicken Ghee roast recipe! This dry chicken dish is made with unique dry spices and other flavorful ingredients that make it extra delicious.
This Mangalorean chicken dish is super easy to make and extremely satisfying.
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If you are looking for a recipe that will blow your taste buds away, then do make this Spicy Malabar Shrimp Curry.
This easy flavor-packed curry is just heavenly. Make your weekend special with this extraordinary shrimp curry.
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Misal Pav is the most desired street food from Maharashtra, and this recipe shows how to make it authentic at home.
Serve this with bread rolls and just relish this unique, spicy, and flavorful dish with your loved ones.
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A famous Maharashtrian vegetable dish that you will really get addicted to is this Stuffed Brinjals.
This recipe is packed with amazing flavors and ingredients which makes this simple brinjal super delicious.
Serve this tasty veggie delight with roti or regional bhakri flatbread. Once you try it, you will crave it again…
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Give your spinach an Indian flair by making this Chicken Saag recipe! This fantastic recipe is all about flavors and nutrition-rich gravy.
It’s super flavorful with spinach and mild spices that make an insanely delicious gravy.
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Another great variety of Indian flatbread is this Luchha Paratha! These crispy, flaky, buttery layers of flatbread are super easy to make using only 4 ingredients.
So make your Luchha Paratha today as a great accompaniment for curries.
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Make the most loved Gulab Jamun, an Indian sweet, at home with this super easy and delicious recipe.
This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is made during festival seasons or some social events. Just follow the simple recipe, which has two ways of making these awesome sweets. You will love it…
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We have kept the most iconic Indian recipe for last, Biryani!
Biryani means celebration in Indian homes. It’s vibrant, aromatic, full of flavorful spices and fluffy rice, making it a super hit dish.
You can easily choose your favorite protein, or no protein to make this amazing dish. Guaranteed this will be one of your favorite recipes.
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So there you go, forty authentic Indian recipes for you to cook. Don’t they all look delicious? Which ones will make their way into your regular rotation?
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This collection of authentic Indian Recipes will show you why it is one of the most famous and celebrated cuisines in the world. This easy raita is the perfect accompaniment to spicy curries:
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