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IMAGE: Instagram/j.m
With a UK parent now naming their child after the Indian dish ‘pakora’, it is no doubt that the prominence of the delicacies has been gaining momentum on social media. As fans were trying to get over the viral news, BTS ARMY in India rejoiced over the fact that the global band’s member Park Jimin knows about the famous Indian dish ‘biryani’.
Taking to social media, Jimin recently responded to a fan who suggested that he try biryani as his next meal. Not only this, but he also expressed his desire to get his hands on the same someday.
South Korean singer Jimin whose real name is Park Jimin, recently interacted with fans on Weverse, while seeking suggestions about what he should eat for a meal. “I’m wondering what I should eat. What did you guys eat (as a meal)?” he said on the platform. 

JM: I wishhhhhh someone whoukd (make) it for me
If I order & eat, even cleaning up is a hassleeeeeee

SJ: should I do it for you?

JM: no but kekekekekekeke honey I’ll go (to you) who are you kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
Soon after the post, many fans reached out to the popular star and sent him their suggestions, however, one such suggestion caught the attention of all.  One of his fans suggested Jimin have spicy soup to which the singer said, as translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, “It sounds great! Spicy soup.”

💜 it’s difficult to choose the menu in the restaurant.. help me ><
1. samgyeopsal
2. tteokbokki
3. ramyeon
4. fried rice
5. yangnyeom chicken
6. chicken soup

JM: samgyeopsal fried rice go
Following this, one of his fans suggested he try the famous Indian dish. “You can try biriyani… this is very delicious.” Jimin replied, “(Oh) it’s Indian food, I see.” After reading this, fans could not believe the fact that the global sensation would know about the desi delicacy. 
One of the Twitter users reacted to the same and wrote, ” It’s late Post. But thanks you know about biryani.” Another user showed happiness over the same and chimed, “I’m also eating biryani with jimin<33" A third user echoed similar sentiments and mentioned how she was amazed to find out that the singer knew about biryani saying, "Yesterday when Jimin come to weverse, he asked for what to eat and an army suggested "biryani" so since yesterday it's still going hehe." "Soo sweet I'm so happy because Jimin took the name of our India and Jimin knows that biryani is an Indian food," wrote another. 
It’s late Post 🤩
Bt thanks you know about biryani😋
Apne hyung ko b bata dena isk bare me.. I felt he don’t know about India..
Yeah he need to know that 🤔🤨
Love you hobi 😘@BTS_twt #jm #jimin #jhope #hoseok#pinky0610 #sneha10
im eating hamri biryani with jimin<33
yesterday when jimin come to weverse , he asked for what to eat and an army suggested “biryani” so since yesterday it’s still going hehe
Other than this, another highlight of the conversation was the funny banter between Jimin and BTS member Jin. When Jimin wrote, “I wish someone would (make) it for me. If I order and eat, even cleaning up is a hassle”, Jin asked, “Should I do it for you?”
Jimin replied, “No but (laughs) honey I’ll go (to you) who are you (laughs).” Jin also asked, “Why are you totally ignoring my comments?” to which Jimin responded, “Ah ‘(laughs) I saw it now Hyung (elder brother).” Jin replied, “If you apologise, I’ll let you go.”


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