• Ryan Reynold’s endorsement of a small Indian restaurant has made booking at the food outlet go off the charts

Indian restaurants have become new favourites of Hollywood stars. After a photo of Johnny Depp went viral at an Indian restaurant in UK’s Birmingham, now Deadpool Ryan Reynold is seen endorsing the desi cuisine.
In fact, Reynold’s endorsement of a small Indian restaurant has made booking at the food outlet go off the charts.
Reynold who was recently in the United Kingdom as he bought the National League football club Wrexham AFC, also visited an Indian restaurant, named Light Of India. Reynold shared the story on Instagram and wrote, “Best Indian food in Europe.” It is not clear if the actor dined or ordered takeaway from the restaurant.
And guess what? Ryan Reynold’s simple endorsement boomed the bookings of the restaurants.
Interestingly, restaurant owners Rajia Rahaman and her husband had no recollection of serving food to the actor. Their son Shaa Rahaman revealed that they found out about Ryan’s visit only when the actor posted the review on Instagram.
Shaa’s family has been running the restaurant for three generations since the 1980s. The family lauded the actor’s kind gesture and has decided to name a meal after the actor’s famous character Deadpool. He said, “We’ve been so busy since. The phone has been ringing off the hook. It’s amazing publicity for us. I want to try to get in touch with Ryan now to see if we can name a dish in honour of him – the Deadpool masala, perhaps,” Shaa told The Guardian.
In June this year, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp was spotted dining at an Indian restaurant named Varanasi in UK’s Birmingham.
As per the media report, the actor spent 48.1 lakh (around $62,000) at the restaurant. Singer Jeff Beck along with 20 other friends joined Johnny for the lavish dinner.
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