Commanders and other personnel of the RAN in Visakhapatnam
Visakhapatnam: Food is one of the influential factors that connect people from across cultures and countries.
Of them, Indian cuisine not only exudes a global charm but also finds a proud spot in the most sought-after list of the Aussies who came to the City of Destiny. For most of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) personnel onboard HMAS Adelaide and Anzac docked in Visakhapatnam for the grand Indo-Pacific Endeavour (IPE)-2022, Indian food turns out to be the most sought-after cuisine. Despite the ‘not-so-bland’ flavour the cuisine lends, they find it quite appealing. Even as 1,500 personnel from RAN are taking part in the IPE-2022 edition that is aimed at demonstrating joint capabilities of the participating navies, for a number of them, it is a maiden visit to Visakhapatnam.
Professional cooks onboard the Australian warships engage in dishing out a variety of cuisines. “We love Indian food as much as Australian cuisine. Probably, we have Indian curries every third day on our menu. We love the spicy flavour the dishes offer. Also, a large number of restaurants in Australia offer Italian, Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisines,” shares IPE22 Commander Commodore Mal Wise with The Hans India.
Sharing his experience, Defence Adviser, Group Captain Terence Deeth, says “Almost every suburb of Australia houses an Indian restaurant. Given the flavours, Indian friends back in Australia do caution us to be careful while experimenting with Indian cuisine.” A few sailors onboard HMAS Anzac say that they are not accustomed to consuming rice-dominated food much in Australia. “But we are relishing it here,” they sum up.
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