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The art of ‘Yoga’ has a long history and it is believed that it originated thousands of years ago. It is said that among all Hindu divinities it is Lord Shiva who most personifies the practice of yoga. Hence, he is seen as the first yogi or Adiyogi and also as the first Guru or Adi Guru. Almost 84 lakhs of asanas have been said to be derived from Lord Shiva’s movements. Now years later Yoga still holds strong regard in people’s lives due to having several health benefits and it also helps the body and mind to train in spiritual development which further leads to self-regulation and self-awareness. Be it an aged person or the youth, everyone adores the art of practising yoga. Owing to which the industry is full of professionals who with their enthusiasm train people in the right way of doing yoga and one such pioneer is Manish
Manish a fanatic for fitness 
Manish always had an inclination towards bodybuilding and fitness since his childhood days. With time he started working towards his goal of attaining a body that is not only healthy but is spiritually awakened. Eventually, in 2013 he took a gym membership and made his lifestyle even more streamlined which included following a strict diet, doing proper workouts and much more. After completing a bachelor’s degree in management, Manish pursued Masters in Yoga from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University to turn his passion into reality. Now a few years down the line he is a yoga practitioner who is acing in the field of yoga and is working towards spreading the ancient Indian art. 
Milestones Achieved 
After entering the field of physical wellness in 2017, Manish has been doing an extensive theoretical and physical study of the same. This assisted him in getting an upper hand along with a better understanding. As a result of all his sheer determination and perseverance, he was honoured with the title of ‘Perfect Body’ for the year 2020-2021 at ‘Rubaru Mr India’, which is one of the most renowned Indian male pageants. The event took place in Goa on April 8, 2021. Since then there has been no stopping for Manish, he has only moved upwards in his professional realm and enhanced his skills. He has established a strong foothold in the industry and is presently freelancing along with working as a Yoga Practitioner too. Through this, he has successfully spread his knowledge about ancient yoga to many curious fitness enthusiasts. 
Believes of the propeller 
Being an expert in the field Manish always advises everyone to practice yoga for their utmost well-being. According to him, yoga should be practised by every person because it has multiple advantages. The list of benefits includes an increase in flexibility, decrease in blood pressure, improvement in body posture, building strength and keeping joints healthy for the future. Along with physiological advantages yoga also provides benefits to mental health as it is a powerful mindfulness practice. It reduces stress and even guides people to opt for healthier life choices. 
Yoga practitioner Manish’s future plans include opening a multidisciplinary fitness and yoga brand. He aims to spread it not only in India but also on a global scale. Additionally, he desires to make an even bigger impact and name for himself in the realm. Through this, he will get a step closer to his dream of making the world a more healthier place. His ulterior motive is to introduce more and more people to the art of Yoga and make them aware of the benefits this simple practice carries. 
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