Commemorating the birth anniversary of social activist and rationalist Narendra Dabholkar on November 1, a five-day art exhibition titled ‘We are on Trial’ will be inaugurated at the Yashwantrao Chavan Centre in Mumbai on October 28 by renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah. The idea is to showcase the work and life of the social reformist through art, the organisers said. Dabholkar was killed in Pune in August 2013.
The exhibition has been curated by a group of individuals from different walks of life, identifying themselves as ‘Friends of Dabholkar’ in association with artists who are studying at the prestigious Sir JJ School of Art in Mumbai.
“When talking about Dabholkar, everybody knows about the murder case. But seldom do people have clear information on his work as a social reformer, spanning 40 years. He devoted his life to fighting superstitions followed in different religions… His revolutionary thoughts are so relevant in today’s time and the youth today is required to get introduced to this multifaceted personality; going beyond the murder case that is reported about in the news,” said Vidya Kulkarni, a member of the Friends of Dabholkar group, while explaining the idea behind the exhibition.
In the exhibition, there will be 10-12 paintings, and around 15 other media-work such as sculptures, art installations, and books from Dabholkar’s library, among others.
The group has plans to take the exhibition to different districts of Maharashtra.
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