Ever since the film Brahmastra: Part I – Shiva released in cinemas on September 9, it generated a lot of buzz. The fantasy action-adventure film has been performing well at the box office despite getting mixed reviews. The film has also generated lots of memes on the quality of dialogues especially those of Alia Bhatt. And now a mimicry artist has posted a video mimicking the response of various actors to the film and it’s hilarious to watch.
Sumedh Shinde, who is a dentist, is known for his mimicry of many actors and has more than 10,000 followers on Twitter. In the video posted Thursday, Shinde mimicked actors Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, John Abraham, Ranveer Singh and singer Sonu Nigam. All the actors’ voices sound uncannily familiar in the video. He even sings the song Kesariya in Sonu Nigam’s voice.
“Actors kya bol rahe hain Brahmastra ke baarein mein,” he wrote as a caption to the video.
Watch the video below:
Actors kya bol rahe hain Brahmastra ke baarein mein 😊#brahmastrareview #brahmastra #sumedhshindey #sumedhshindeymimicry #bollywoodmimicry #moviereview #BrahmastraReview pic.twitter.com/6LEh85bGwx
— Sumedh Shinde (@sumedhcaddy) September 22, 2022
Since being posted, the video has received more than 1.84 lakh views. Netizens loved his mimicry and found his impersonation of Sonu Nigam to be the most accurate.
“Sonu nigam is ditto,” commented a Twitter user. “You are amazing boss!” said another. “Every bit spot on. As a performer myself, I felt Ranveer’s was the most tricky here. You have grown far beyond your own standards that you set many years back,” wrote a third.
“This one is surely more entertaining than the movie. Sumedh seriously well done on that. Amazing mimicry,” appreciated another netizen. “Sonu Nigam omg I was literally shock. So accurate,” said yet another.
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