Sep. 7—The Indian Association of Frederick will host Festival of India on Sept. 10 at the William R. Talley Rec. Center beginning at 5:30 p.m. The free event showcases the diversity of India through classical and folk music and dance, art and crafts, food, clothing and vendor displays.
For those who embrace Frederick's growing diversity, this will be a family-friendly gala full of colors, scents and sounds of India.
Like past years, local and state public officials will attend the event to show support for the Indian community of Frederick. The evening will feature performances from children and adults. Since India is a land of many co-cultures, performances will represent music and dance of several states, as well as popular Bollywood.
Attendees will be able to sample a variety of Indian food as well. There will be snack items, meals, desserts and drinks from local Indian restaurants.
Art and crafts business vendors will be onsite, including henna designs, jewelry and clothing.
Until the pandemic, this event has continually and successfully drawn overwhelming public response. Not only does it offer a representative insight into the Indian culture to the Frederick community, but it also engages residents from all over the Baltimore/D.C. metro area in multicultural enrichment. With tremendous community response, a few years' events were standing-only room.
IAF, Inc. is a nonprofit volunteer organization of the Indian community in the Frederick area. The association has organized the Festival of India every year since 2002.
A horrifying video of an Indigenous woman being attacked by a mob of white people for not wearing a bra has gone viral on Twitter.
A junior at Loyola University in New Orleans is off to a tremendous start of the school year as he nationally launches his latest invention, the Safety Pouch.
A Sandy Hook first responder and several victims' families sued Jones over spreading lies that the shooting was a hoax.
ALYSSA POINTER/ReutersDonald Trump had a meltdown on Truth Social late Tuesday after MyPillow exec Mike Lindell said his cellphone had been confiscated by the feds while he was dining out at a Hardee’s restaurant.“Breaking News: Mike Lindell, ‘THE Pillow Guy,’ was just raided by the FBI. We are now officially living in a Weaponized Police State, Rigged Elections, and all,” the twice-impeached former president wrote.He went on to declare, “Our Country is a laughing stock all over the World. The m
A Detroit police officer was suspended after the department discovered an OnlyFans account where she was posting porn. The officer resigned a day before the page was found, though that resignation was not set to go into effect for a few weeks.
"Within minutes, deputies spotted her using the drone's infrared camera. A short time later, Farrah was reunited with her family," Fremont County Sheriff's Office shared about Farrah the dog's rescue
Jones was nowhere to be seen Tuesday as he faced a second trial for spreading false claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.
Letters on religious bigotry at a UF football game, Gainesville zoning changes, the Uvalde police response and more.
The use of the new execution method may begin on Sept. 22, with Alabama's scheduled execution of Alan Eugene Miller.
In a trendy part of Mexico City, in a park surrounded by hipster coffeeshops and restaurants, stands a figure dressed in white with hands in prayer like a Catholic statuette: the so-called patron saint against gentrification. Sandra Valenzuela, a Mexican activist, created the statue to rally neighbors against what she regards as a rising threat to her community and others in the Mexican capital. A wave of international visitors predominantly from the United States has poured into Mexico City's cafes, parks and AirBnbs as they work untethered from daily office commutes by the COVID-19 pandemic.
People who lived there were suspected to be responsible for many thefts from nearby homes and businesses, the sheriff’s department said.
Tucker Carlson of Fox News said India produced no architectural marvels after the British left.
Two other men were also convicted in the bench trial on multiple felony charges by U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, an appointee of former President Trump.
Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D) is challenging the 2020 census count of the city, arguing that college students, immigrants and people in correctional facilities were undercounted. The census found the city’s population to be 675,647. The mayor’s office in an announcement Tuesday said pandemic disruptions caused thousands of people to be missed in the count,…
Bill Aldenberg responded to the shooting at Sandy Hook and witnessed the devastation firsthand. He was harassed by conspiracy theorists for years after.
"There is a line between boorish behavior on an airplane and criminal activity, and the defendant clearly crossed it," US Attorney Gary Restaino said.
Rapper PnB Rock, who was fatally shot at a Los Angeles restaurant, might have been targeted for his jewelry after his girlfriend tagged their location on Instagram, a report says.
Aadrina Smith, a substitute teacher at a Louisiana school, is accused of offering students $5 each to bully and attack one of their classmates, police said.
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied Nicole Linton's request to be released from jail to a psychiatric hospital.
It was the weekend before Memorial Day last year when a Virginia Beach woman went barhopping with several friends. The group eventually ended up at Seaside Raw Bar at the Oceanfront, the woman testified in Norfolk Circuit Court Tuesday. The last thing she remembers from that night was sitting at a table, talking with her friends, she said. The next morning, she woke up feeling extremely sick, …


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