We’re thrilled to announce that our DNEG team will be attending India’s VFX Summit 2022!
Taking place in Hyderabad, the VFX Summit 2022 helps visual effects artists gain insights from industry mentors through interactive sessions, workshops and exclusive networking sessions.
This year’s event is on November 1st & 2nd and is loaded with presentations, exhibits, panels and recruitment booths. Best of all, our DNEG VFX team will be participating! Scroll down to see our exciting line-up!
Date: November 1 – 2, 2022
Location: Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre
Tickets: Price varies. Click here to learn more.
Join Michael Grobe (VFX Supervisor, DNEG India) and a panel of experienced VFX Supervisors and professionals as they reflect on their careers and offer first-hand insights about the nuances of visual effects supervision. From their experiences working on award-winning projects to the qualifications (and skills!) required to be a successful supervisor, hear valuable insights about the challenges and benefits of this demanding role.
There are apparently 24 commonly acknowledged crafts involved in bringing a movie or TV show to life… but missing from this list is visual effects. Isn’t it about time we add VFX to the list? In this panel, DNEG India’s Head of VFX Jigesh Gajjar joins other industry professionals to discuss the various aspects that qualify visual effects as the ’25th craft’ and how to better integrate the VFX industry with the wider movie-making process.
A.R. Seshaprasad (Head of Studio, DNEG India) joins a panel of VFX professionals to discuss the government’s role in developing India’s Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. What are the challenges and requirements of policy intervention? Join us to explore this point and more.
DNEG India’s Head of Creative Operations, Puja Parikh joins other industry experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges an increased demand for visual effects brings. From innovative and evolving methodologies to robust training and academic curriculums, get insights into how the future of industry training is unfolding.
Aparajita Sen (Artist Manager, DNEG India) joins esteemed industry panellists to discuss strategies for women looking to create a successful career in production. From understanding the industry’s challenges and dynamics to building the right mindset, this session will empower women to create their own trajectories toward success.
Go behind-the-scenes of our most recent Oscar-winning film, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune with Jigesh Gajjar (Head of VFX, DNEG India). From detailed FX simulations to sweeping environments, full-CG creatures and more, this talk will explore the breadth of our award-winning work.




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