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Gautam Naik is an IIT Kharagpur graduate and has more than twenty-five years of Entrepreneurship experience in Global Software Services.
For the software entrepreneurs, there is a business in AI generated art though artists are very upset about AI art. But artists themselves are in the business of art for many years since the renaissance.  Some people are upset about the fact that art sometimes is intriguingly incomprehensible. Every business is an art. The business of AI generated art is definitely going to be art which software entrepreneurs are definitely trying to master.  
Artificial Intelligence is so great that it will soon generate all human pieces of art. It is the machine that learns from the experience and generates the artwork. This type of artwork is the future as there will be no more human artists. The work of human artists is copied by machines through training. The machines are trained with the history of human artists, and their training is more than 10 years. This is the technology that will generate the art for the robots. In 2017 it was predicted that AI-generated art would take over within 10 years. So, today it is already here. It is everywhere. Some artists or agencies will buy and sell AI-generated art. And some online platforms will allow you to buy this AI-generated art. A big part of making money online today knows how to buy and sell AI-generated art. 
AI-generated art is art created by machines. Many companies have seized the opportunity that AI offers them and are creating art that is unique and something you can’t find anywhere else. If you know how to buy and sell AI-generated art, you can make some really good money. Artificial intelligence, in its current state, can be used to imitate the works of artists. However, the current AI- generated artwork is still a far cry from the millions of brush strokes that go into creating a painting. For example, Some AI-generated paintings still rely on thousands of hand movements to come up with a complete painting. 
Artificial intelligence, in its current state, can be used to imitate the works of artists. AI artists are not yet able to replicate that movement and texture in a painting done by human hands.  AI-generated art brings a big change to the art industry. AI artworks are created by artificial intelligence technology and filled with art buyers’ unlimited imagination. The internet, AI, and blockchain technologies can not only generate art pieces but also save artists’ rights. Artists are sole copyright owners of the artworks they created. On top of that, blockchain technologies can deliver art pieces to buyers safely. AI can write lyrics for songs.  People have created bots, which write complete songs. The AI-generated songs are now selling. Today, many artists and designers are using AI technology to create dynamic images, videos, and interactive content. AI-generated art has become a vital part of the art industry. Some AI-generated artworks collect millions of dollars in art auctions. AI has been used to make paintings, portraits, and even portraits made using pictures of faces. Many of these pieces have sold for thousands of dollars. As well to paintings, other artists are using AI to generate digital 3D art. The AI has millions of algorithms that create a scene from a picture of an object. There are also allied revenues streams related to AI art like Print on Demand (T-shirts etc.), use skills for Services on freelancing formats, Collection of NFTs, create contents about AI art, training in AI arts. Some entrepreneurs are also bullish about ad and marketing revenues for AI generated art contents/portals.  
On the downside, artists say they risk losing income as people start using AI-generated images based on copyrighted material for commercial purposes. But it’s also a lot more personal. Art is so closely linked to a person; it could raise data protection and privacy problems. Recently there was news that artist Jason Allen sparked controversy by winning the top prize at the Colorado State Fair in the United States with his AI-generated artwork Théâtre D’opéra Spatial, which depicts three humans silhouetted by a gilded window. Several artists have expressed anger on social media over the prize, with some fearing for their livelihoods. Some are pushing for new policies or regulation.  But as in earlier instances, we can expect this issue to be resolved over time, as AI becomes more ubiquitous and different groups come to a consensus as to how to balance individual rights and essential AI/ML.  I have read recently that: “There is an industry initiative called Content Authenticity Initiative, which includes the likes of Adobe, Nikon, and the New York Times, are developing an open standard that would create a sort of watermark on digital content to prove its authenticity. It could help fight disinformation as well as ensuring that digital creators get proper attribution” to quote them verbatim. Some artists have opted out of “Training’ database and any scraping images from the internet without the artist’s consent to train an AI tool could be a copyright infringement. Another downside is costs and access to the required computing infrastructure. Also, there is a threat to replace human livelihood with the advent of AI just as every industrial revolution and technology did in human history.
But for Indian IT entrepreneurs, though unregulated, AI art can be new form of revenue stream. Though many still feel that AI Art is not the original art as well lack emotions, one needs to consider this as another tool to express the artistic emotions. An algorithm can’t immediately create art that accurately represents a prompt. It needs to collect data and learn from it, improving its understanding like a human would. Users’ approval and rejection of created images also affect some models, so they improve their skills even more through trial and error. The more they’re used, the better they’re able to satisfy prompts. In other words, AI artwork can be seen as craftsmanship and artistic achievement, something these programs and their developers should be proud of. Human mind has new frontiers and no frontier is final. 
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Views expressed above are the author’s own.
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Interested in blogging for timesofindia.com? We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs@timesinternet.in with a brief bio and we will get in touch with you.
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